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Best In Class Leadership & Experience

We’ve assembled a team that loves coming to work to find better ways to empower people when they need help. It has a domino effect. When we help brokers, we empower companies. When we help companies, we empower employees. When we help employees, we empower families. We’ve provided a key piece of information or a whisper of kindness to hundreds of thousands of people and look forward to the day when we reach millions.

Frank Cardenas

President & CEO

With nearly a decade of experience working for The Social Security Administration first as a Claims Adjudicator, then an Area Operations Analyst, and lastly as an Operational Supervisor- Frank’s focus became to solve an informational gap between the government and the people they serve. He became aware early on in his federal career that there was a lack of information shared with the public regarding Social Security. There are also thousands of different options and scenarios an individual could choose to do when it comes to filing for their benefits. Frank was eager to help bridge that gap.

After receiving two Master's degrees, in Public Administration and Health Administration & Planning, Frank focused on ways he could better provide the knowledge he had acquired. Frank started the company, FEDlogic, Inc. Frank’s passion is to serve. Frank's team of expert consultants, with similar backgrounds in the Administration, share FEDlogic's vision of providing compassionate service with the goal of helping others.

Anita Blackmer

Chief Operations Officer

Anita leads the operations of FEDlogic, where she focuses on helping business owners realize the value of educating their employees about federal and state benefits. After more than 27 years with The Crichton Group/HUB International in Nashville, TN, Anita joined FEDlogic because of her firm belief that implementing a strategy to educate employees about public healthcare options will have lower healthcare costs. She also believes that employees value having a trusted advocate to assist them and making better decisions that enrich their lives and families.

As a benefits consultant at Crichton Group/HUB International, Anita assisted her employer clients in managing their healthcare risks and found FEDlogic to be the best proven solution. She saw employees happier to find a better option and employers achieving a consistent annual 4:1 ROI - and oftentimes even higher. Anita has a B.S. degree from Belmont University in education and psychology and is passionate about the opportunity to assist employers and families in all 50 states.

Jermaine Boyd

Lead Technical Expert

Jermaine’s path from inner city schoolteacher to social worker to a specialist for the Social Security Administration-- led him to this role with FEDlogic. As a teacher, Jermaine quickly learned that teaching was only part of his passion. His desire to help those who were underserved and those with physical and mental disabilities grew and transformed. Jermaine spent 15 years working as a social worker with children and families who were in and out of the court system, in hospitals, in mental health communities, and overwhelmed by social service agencies. Which led him into a career with the government.
When Jermaine became a specialist at the Social Security Administration, he was able to learn all the technical aspects of these federal and state program. Jermaine received the agency’s highest award, the Commissioner’s Citation, for his complex work in assisting families. With all of the information Jermaine had acquired, he wanted to find a way to apply his knowledge to help more people.

At FEDlogic Jermaine has the time to carefully and thoroughly educate and then advocate for individuals and families. Jermaine is a rare combination. While possessing a depth of knowledge, he is both crisply professional and deeply compassionate at the same time. Knowledge is power and without it, individuals and families may miss out on valuable federal and state benefits. At FEDlogic, Jermaine is able to educate and serve families so they can make the best decision for themselves and their loved ones.

Elizabeth Cardenas

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Elizabeth Lee Cardenas is the co-founder of FEDlogic, Inc. which she founded in 2015. She is responsible for setting the overall direction for FEDlogic. Her passion is to create innovative ways to reach clients with growing branding and marketing. Her mission is to continue to lead FEDlogic in always maintaining the upmost level of service through compassionate care and empowerment through knowledge.

A.J. Ceberio

Chief Financial Officer

A.J. joins FEDlogic after spending nearly a decade in private practice. During his tenure as an attorney, A.J. chaired his firm’s corporate group where he represented hundreds of companies throughout their growth including formation, funding, and complex litigation. He previously served as outside counsel to FEDlogic where he learned the significant impact its experts can have on families, especially when they need it the most.

At his core, A.J. is a problem solver, builder, and an educator. He is passionate about helping people and companies thrive. He is a proud board member for several local non-profit organizations and is an adjunct professor at Wake Forest University School of Law.

Kate Kellner

Director of Client Services

Kate joins FEDlogic with over 12 years of experience at the Social Security Administration. During her time at the Agency, Kate received her MS in Executive Leadership and collected a variety of experiences that transfer directly to her work at FEDlogic. Kate’s experiences range from presenting complex information on Social Security programs at conferences, trade organizations and employee benefits fairs to mentoring new employees to working directly with the public on a daily basis. These experiences give her compassion for and understanding of exactly what kind of things clients of FEDlogic and their employees are going through.

Kate values innovation, integrity, and authenticity. She is a proud member of her community and enjoys volunteering with a variety of community organizations. Kate is passionate about education and is thrilled to continue offering high-quality support and complete information to people who need it most. She is excited to join the FEDlogic team in fulfilling their mission to help people and make a tangible difference in the quality of life for the people we serve.

Joel Lee

Healthcare Advisor

With twenty-five years of experience in academic medicine, for-profit medicine and large group practice, Joel has helped build solid strategies and more importantly has helped execute against those strategy through sound positioning, solid market targeting and promotion.

Engagements have included strategy formulation and revision, market research and analysis, physician acquisition strategy and targets, capital planning, payer agreements, marketing plans and execution, interim management in healthcare, reputation management and philanthropic positioning.


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